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The following are links to other web sites that will be useful:

 The site for Aquarian, Rena, API and

 The Federation of British Aquatic Societies            

 The monthly aquatic magazine  

 The British and International Discus-Keepers                           Association                    

 The British Cichlid Association   

 British Livebearers Association

...and for Goldfish lovers:-  
Northern Goldfish and  Pondkeepers Society
 which is designed for computers -  for mobiles or tablets  use the mini-site:                                                


The site for World Aquarists

 Aquatic Services

                by Dr David Ford   For Goldfish keepers in Tyne & Wear region   The West Country club for goldfish people





 The trade organisation that looks after all

                 fishkeeper needs

 Federation of Northern Aquarium Societies  The Midland Goldfish Keepers

  Latest News

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