It all started  like this over  70 years  ago…

 Now in retirement I do  things like swimming  with dolphins!

 My home aquaria
 Tropical & Goldfish

 My triple pond  system with Koi

...but still    fishkeeping!

  Aquatic Services

            by Dr David Ford





 News Flashes.

  The Federation of  Northern Aquarium
  Societies has become a Historical Site.
  To see why, visit ….


The President of NGPS has recorded a  video of his lifetime breeding Show  Goldfish - it is 1 hour long and full of  tips and anecdotes.  

 I have placed it on YouTube.  Go to  their website page and type:   “BillsGoldfish”  in the search box.  

  Another (better) site is available via   Vimeo - click/tap 

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