Aquatic Services

 by Dr David Ford

      Feeding Aquarium Fishes

This is my book on how to feed  your fish (copyrights waived by  kind permission of Ringpress by  Interpet Ltd). There are over 60  pages so allow time to download.

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       Maintenance of Aquaria

 This is my book written for  Usborne Publishing in their  Spotter’s  Guide series.  They  have allowed pages 54 and 55
 to be reproduced, which contain  useful information on tank  stocking and maintenance;  download the PDF to read….

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Page 2 - BOOKS

      All the World’s Animals

          - pet fish section

 A book by Torstar written for the  American market - I wrote the  section on pet fish, shown here in  6 pages in PDF….Tap HERE

                 Aquarium Systems  
       edited by A.D.Hawkins



 An Academic book for scientific  studies with aquarium systems
 - I  wrote the section on ‘small  aquaria’, reproduced here by  copyright  permission from  Elsevier.  The original book is  ISBN 0-12-33380-6 (1981)  

  23 pages in PDF  Tap HERE

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 This is the  BOOKS page

      Journal of the Institute of            Animal Technicians 
            November 1980

           ISBN 0020-2711

       Design & Operation of            Research Aquaria

      24 pages in PDF Tap HERE